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Rachel Hofsetter, or “Rae” for short, is a 24 year old American YouTuber and Gamer who just began journey for fame in 2014. Rae used to be a variety streamer and we say USED to because ever since she began playing Fortnite, the majority of her streaming is Fortnite related and she has even been posting Fortnite videos to YouTube. Needless to say, she fell for the game pretty quick.

Rae is current streamer of the 100 Thieves gaming club, which is an American esports organization that competes in various gaming tournaments or competitions.

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When she’s not streaming, it seems that Rae loves to hang out with friends or maintaining her fitness at the gym. She currently sits at 1.2 million followers on Instagram and ever since she began to play Fortnite, you can catch her posting several game clips on her Insta account for your viewing pleasure.

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Due to her current love for Fortnite, that will be the vast majority of her posted videos on YouTube right now. Although, Rae does post random videos throughout such as unboxing items and vlogs.

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