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Zainab “zAAz” Turkie

“There are a lot of girls out there that can’t take all of that shit males are writing. Since I have been in the scene for so long I learned how to ignore them and how to control them by not even reading their comments. I know who I am and what kind of a player I am. And I am pretty sure I would win against a lot of guys out there and I have proved it. So stay strong girls and keep on fighting.”

Lebanon-born hottie, Zaniab “zAAz” Turkie, grew up sort of a tomboy. The future gamer spent hours watching her brothers play video games. Unaware then, she was planting the foundations necessary to strategize her way to the top of the eSports world. 

At eleven, the Lebanon-born talent deiced to give Counter-Strike 1.6  a shot. One day, when her brother went out, Zaniab hopped on his computer and launched the game that would propel her into the stratosphere. It was love at first sight.

zAAz’s family was getting concerned that her addiction to gaming was getting out of control, and in the way of her studies. They attempted to cut the internet cord on the budding star many times. However, she still qualified for the ESWC 2007 in Paris.

Following her initial success, zAAz would bounce from team to team. She found victories and career achievements partnering with:

  • Les Seules

  • Meet Your Makers Female

  • Pink Zinic

  • Bad Monkey Gaming

  • WRTP

  • Team Secret

  • Dynasty Gaming Female

  • RES Gaming

  • Beşiktaş Esports

Her latest achievement was winning the Copenhagen Games female division in 2017. After that career high, Zainab decided to take an extended hiatus.

As the star explained, “I decided to take a break because I had a lot of personal stuff in real life I needed to solve. I couldn’t play and focus at the same time.”

Since that fateful day in Copenhagen, zAAz had tested the competitive waters again. Over the past two years, Zainab has landed a respectable 3rd place in the Intel Challenge Katowice. 

zAAz believes she helped open the door for other female gamers featured here on My Gamer Girls. As she stated in an interview, she’s keeping an eye on the competition. However, she thinks she has a leg up for coming up in a “boy’s only” club. Zainab stated, “What I have seen, a lot of girls have the aim but not the movements and smartness.” Ouch, quite the burn for CSGO OG.

zAAz Pictures

zAAz has sexy fashion sense. She carries herself as a sophisticated woman that you know likes to let loose when the cameras are off.  A lot of pictures that are featured throughout her Instagram account includes beach selfies, nights out, and really delicious looking desserts. No, we’re talking actual desserts, although, the eye candy’s not so bad.

zAAz Videos

zAAz is so badass that she doesn’t have her own YouTube or Twitch page. That’s quite the command for an industry that relies on streaming for extra cash.

While Zainab Turkie doesn’t have her own official page, it doesn’t mean her presence isn’t felt all over YouTube. You can catch her in official Counter-Strike content, among other reputable channels.

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