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Reia Ayunan

“Dream big, work hard, and play harder! And also, never give up on your dream!”


Reia Ayunan has become a big-time gamer over the past couple of years, absolutely crushing it multi-player role-playing games. This shy star isn’t like many of the video game camera hogs that we’re used to. She’s pretty down-to-earth and is humble about her following. 



Reia Ayunan Early Beginnings


Like many other female gamers, Reia played for fun growing up. However, she quickly got bit by the competitive bug at an early age. She started off playing Fortnite: Battle Royale and Overwatch.


Eventually, Reia started her YouTube page in 2016. She played around with video game streaming but used the platform as an opportunity to show off her personality. That’s where the views started to come in.


As Reia gained subscribers, she started implementing more cosplay. Then, she made a foray into modeling. However, her first passion remained to game. 


Reia Ayunan Games on YouTube


At her peak, Reia was gaming up to six hours per day. She was streaming almost every day of the week. These livestreams started to gain traction. Eventually, she was making enough viewers turn a profit for YouTube.


 A profit for YouTube ended up being a profit for Reia. She makes around $3,000 per month in sponsorships due to her livestreams, makeup tutorials, and cosplay vids.


Reia Ayunan and the Female Gaming Community 


One problem that’s been plaguing the gaming community has been an issue since it’s inception. It’s a boy-heavy industry. That’s an issue for many reasons.


One, no one likes to look at them. However, these guys created a fraternal coalition that made it harder for female gamers to persevere. They discouraged ladies from setting up accounts and refused to have them on popular male livestreams.


Many of these oversights were due to chauvinism and insecurity. There are only so many hours in the day. So, viewers might start to branch out to the females to break up the monotony of the same guys playing all the time.


Also, there’s the fact that a girl could show up these guys. No one likes to lose on their own livestream. These fears are even bigger when you’re afraid of losing to a female in front of all of yours. 


In the wake of the #MeToo movement, the perception of female gamers has changed. Don’t get us wrong. We still enjoy the eye candy. However, their badassery far trumps all of the eye googling of past years. 


Over the past year, female viewership has jumped by 19%. That’s amazing considering women weren’t even in double digits of viewership in the first place!


Reia Ayunan Gets Popular in Asia


The hardest for Reia was breaking through the Asian demographic. As she put it, “While there are some leagues working towards equality in the pro scene, society still assumes that women/girls don’t like playing video games. Therefore, we’re not the target demographic of the gaming industry.”


Reia gained a little bit of attention in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. However, she hasn’t able to crack the big three Asian markets. That doesn’t mean she isn’t pushing for other females to find this success. 


Reia Ayunan Pushes More Female Fame in Asia


These uptick in views for female livestreams are especially true in countries that didn’t showcase women as entertainers. Now, Raina and company are flourishing in parts of Asia, such as China, India, and Japan.


These markets are huge. There are billions of people in these Asian countries. Many are starting to jump on the gaming bandwagon that has already swept the West. Now, Asians are falling in Raina and all the other female competitors she’s trying to help prop up on a global scale. 


This change in the perception of women in the gaming industry is thanks to many trailblazers. Reia hopes to be one of the many who continues to forge a path that inspires other women to pick up the controller.


As she mentioned in the quote above, life is about dreaming big. Raia wanted to do more with her life. So, she decided to make a change and do more of whats he loved. Now, she’s hoping that this lead-by-example way of life will rub off on other female competitors who are unsure if there is a future for women in competitive video games, vlogging, or livestreaming battle royales. 


Reia Ayunan Produces Video Game Content


Reia has started transitioning from in front of the screen to behind it. She is now a video creator for Ubisoft. 


Her main goal of working for Ubisoft is to attract more female gamers. She feels there is a strong need for an inclusive environment. As she told Enduins, “I was turned into memes and even was a victim of sexual harassment online. Once you go public and you get noticed, there will always be people hating on you, finding faults and mistakes. The gaming community can be very toxic.”

Reia Ayunan Pictures

These days, Reia is less about gaming and more about influencing. A lot of her pics are just Reia showing off her fun side. She likes to share pictures of her yoga practices and at the site of her sponsorships. Some of her pics include visiting Fiji Water headquarters and Wego travel. 

Oh, and if you love food, you’ll love Reia’s feed. She has mouth-watering sushi rolls, tempting baked goods, and creamy espresso drinks rather often!

Reia Ayunan Videos

When Reia first started, her posts were more about unboxing than actual playing. This was a safe dip into the gaming waters. People seemed interested in what Reia had to say. So, she started increasing her video game content. 

After she gained popularity, most of Reia’s videos started to involve cosplay. She likes to show off her makeup skills and really enjoys dressing up. Also, Reia wants to lift up and inspire other girls in her videos. 

Most importantly, Reia loves to travel. As she slows down with her gaming career, she has upped her travel vlogs. A lot of her travel involves hidden gems and hot spots in Malaysia. 

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