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Meg Turney

Welcome all to the page of this gorgeous American beauty, Meg Turney. Don’t take our word for it though, as Playboy ranked Turney at #10 on their “25 Hottest YouTube Stars” listing. You may even know Meg Turney as Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite or Vav from X-Ray and Vav– that’s because she is heavily into not only cosplay but modeling and vlogging as well.

You can find Meg across all platforms of social media with an incredible amount of followers: 636k on Instagram, 442k on Twitter and 1.4 million followers on Facebook. She even has a personal YouTube channel which she posts weekly vlogs for all her 340,000 (and counting) YouTube subscribers.

Meg seems to be currently into the Resident Evil games as those have been her games of choice for live Twitch streaming as of lately. Check out her live streaming as she states that she has recently completely overhauled her Twitch channel with new graphics and even a new logo.

Judging by her risqué pics on social media, Meg poses as a “bad girl.” So bad that it was speculated that she was banned from Twitch back in 2017 for live streaming in lingerie. Whether it’s true or not, who doesn’t like a bad girl, am I right?

Meg Turney Pictures

Looking at these pics, you will easily understand why Meg is so popular for her cosplay. It doesn’t seem to matter what or who she dresses as (or lacks to dress as), she is absolutely stunning and would likely draw the attention of most men (and women). Want to rock some of that merch? Click here for Meg’s website!

Meg Turney Videos

As for her YouTube videos, there isn’t really a particular theme she sticks to (as she goes from playing fetch with her cat to nostalgic story time) but she does have tons of videos to browse through and is very bubbly and fun to watch (did we mention she is easy on the eyes too?). If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe!

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