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Lily has been active on YouTube since 2010, racking up an impressive 1.6m subscribers to this date. She has a unique voice, being calm, cute and whispery and likes to keep her content appropriate for all ages but says if and when she needs to, she can deepen her voice on cue.

Not only does Lily post gaming videos but also vlogs, anime, drawing/voicing silly stuff and plays the piano for her viewers. She is extremely creative and you can own some of these creativities yourself by visiting her merch shop here.

LilyPichu Pictures

Lily likes showing off her merch while also showing off her cute little family (boyfriend and dog). She was even recently caught at the 2019 Kam-icon event in Alabama with a close friend of her, dressed to impress with colored hair and all!

LilyPichu Videos

From anime, to playing the piano, and even just chatting with her fans, you’ll find a whole variety of material on Lily’s YouTube channel. She likes to guest start her friend’s a lot too to keep things interesting. When it comes to gaming though, League of Legends is her go-to.

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