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Michelle initially began her YouTube career on her own, under the pseudonym “TheRPGMinx.” In 2012, she met a fellow YouTuber under the online name of “Krism” and fell deeply in love, getting married shortly after that. Since then, Minx and Krism decided to create their own channel together as a main account for content.

Krinx TV is what they named it and is a “2 Lesbians Play” gaming channel where the two play games together as well as post some videos (that may or may not involve friends of theirs). They most commonly post playthroughs of horror and adventure games and other indie horror titles. LGBT gaming is to be found here and they want everyone to know it!

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Aside from the very few selfies she takes, Michelle likes to post screenshots of the most recent videos she has posted to YouTube, of the various horror games she plays. She seems to have a knack for nature as well.

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Since the decision of creating a new account with her lover, Michelle is still working on increasing that YouTube subscriber number from its current number of only 87k. The games played on this account are different than what most would play but the commentary and voice-changing makes it extremely funny.

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