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Jaynee is popularly known for her superb League of Legends gameplay, from which she normally just live streams on Twitch and very seldom uploads these videos to YouTube. Aside from being an internet personality, she is currently studying to be a Veterinary Assistant so due to her very busy and hectic life, she does not have a set stream schedule and rather streams when she can.

Jaynee is one of the few YouTubers who does not like to show her face on camera, as it takes a lot of energy and is sort of uncomfortable for her. She says without being on camera, she can have a happier and longer stream for her viewers.

JayneeWasTaken Pictures

Jaynee does not have an active Instagram account anymore but any pics posted you will find on Twitter, with the most recent being of her and her other half making goofy faces.

JayneeWasTaken Videos

Recently neglecting her YouTube channel, you will find more current material on her Twitch streams. Her most recent YouTube uploads were 2 years ago and they ranged from a variety of topics like unboxing and general vlogs.

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