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Kat joined the YouTube world in 2011 but did not upload her first video until 2013, and since then she has been booming. She began by posting Minecraft content, and hasn’t stopped since. She creates funny daily gaming content through Minecraft play for YouTube but also live streams this content on Twitch as well.

She loves to collaborate with her fellow “Krew” members, which consists of her 3 sisters and 1 brother (all YouTubers as well). Together, they create hilarious commentary to their Let’s Play Minecraft content.

Kat has her own online store with clothing and accessories, which can be found here.

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She loves to promote her merch, her Krew, and even her dogs! Not many people could pull off blue hair but she can certainly do it with ease.

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It’s no wonder why Kat has 3.9m subscribers on YouTube: the content she creates is unique and hilarious! Of course, it does help that her siblings join in on the fun but whether she is alone or with her Krew, they’ll be sure to give you a good laugh regardless.

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