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iHasCupquake, who goes by the name of Tiffany offline, has been in the YouTube game for quite some time now, going as far back as 2010. This charming American girl is quite the popular streamer, standing at 6.5 million YouTube subscribers to date!

When it comes to gaming, Tiffany first began her career as a superstar in both League of Legends and World of Warcraft but became a YouTube legend after switching over to Minecraft. After beginning her Minecraft gameplay, she released a modded series called “Oasis,” which consisted of more than a hundred episodes therefore creating a real success in her already exceptional career.

Although she is most known for her game streaming, you can find Tiffany posting videos of DIYs, cosplays and many more interesting things. Check out the links below! You’ll find her to be adorable, clumsy and even a bit ditzy but she always keeps it “PG-13” when it comes to her streaming as you will rarely catch her dropping any F-bombs (pretty rare to find these kind of streamers!).

iHasCupquake Pictures

Tiffany clearly loves posing for the camera, and she does it so well! She is usually wearing bright colors (mostly pink/purple) but can rock them so well. She seems to be always rocking her own merch and if you’re into it too, check it out here! 

iHasCupquake Videos

Tiffany posts a wide variety of videos for you to check out so make sure to not only check out her gaming channel, but also her non-gaming channel and Toy Channel. No shortage of material here!

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