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Aphmau, known offline as Jessica or preferably “Jess,” is an American YouTube icon best known for her involvement in the Minecraft community. She launched her (main) YouTube channel back in 2012 and has gained 4 million subscribers ever since.

Not only does she manage one YouTube channel (Aphmau) but she has one dedicated to just her Minecraft gameplay (Aphmau Fantasy) and one for Vlogging (Aphmau Vlogging). She keeps extremely busy managing all 3 of these channels as she uploads videos almost daily!

Jess does have her own online store where she sells merch. Check out the link here.

Aphmau Pictures

Selfies, selfies and more selfies! Some do include her daughter (and soon to be child), along with their cute dog but most are just of herself and herself only. Some of her photos give you a taste of the type of merch she sells too.

Aphmau Videos

Jess gained most of her popularity from her gaming YouTube channel, through a Minecraft Diaries Series she was a part of. On the other hand, it is her main YouTube channel that has piled up the subscribers and these videos mainly consist of Gacha Life adventures/stories made up by Jess herself and sometimes include special guests like her husband Jason!

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