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Amy Lee began her success back in 2013 where she quickly accumulated more than 500k subscribers in only a year and a half, and has since risen to over 1 million. Although she has 2 YouTube channels, her main account, amyleethirty3, is evidently more successful.

Amy was actually signed by Disney’s Maker Studios because of her exceptional Minecraft play but also plays The SIMS series which have helped launch her fame. Her main account includes many gaming videos but does include the odd vlog. If you’re looking for strictly vlogs, check out her secondary account here.

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This isn’t your typical internet personality that loves taking selfies of herself. Rather, she adores her dog Max and posts several pics of him on her Insta. She is a food connoisseur (who isn’t?) and is extremely into music.

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Amy posts a nice balance of videos on her main YouTube channel, but expect mostly gaming videos. She does have the odd vlog but you can expect lots of Roblox and Minecraft Let’s Plays but as of lately it seems she has joined the Fortnite hype.

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